There is no better team in Medellin, and because we are a profit-sharing company (yes all of our employees share a portion of our profits) there is no happier team ready to help guide your path to conquering the Spanish language.  Although we foster a culture that feels small, in total we are 22 employees (10 professors) and growing each month.



Founder – Travel Junkie – Lover of Life and Dogs

I came to Medellin thinking I’d only stay for a few days. Two months later I went back to the United States, quit my job as a TV producer, and moved to Medellin to start Blink Spanish with my favorite Spanish teacher, Emanuel Samir Caro. Learning Spanish absolutely changed my life. It rewired my brain, opened my mind, and enriched my life in ways I can not explain. When studying I started having vivid memories of my childhood – a part of my brain that had been stagnant was awakened… truly a gift. Beyond that I cherish Colombia, Colombian culture, and admittedly Colombian women.  Blink Spanish is the greatest thing that has happened in my life.  While I miss my family and friends who are far away, the purpose of Blink and the impact I see on lives everyday makes every late night absolutely worth it.  LA VALE LA PENA!  I am living my dream journey and am here (and humbled to be) a part of yours.



Founding Professor – Curator of Curriculum – Bad Ass Guitarist

Emanuel is our lead professor and cultivator of curriculum. Emanuel graduated from The University of Antioquia (the best in Medellin and maybe Colombia) with a degree in language and teaching. Emanuel has years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners, and loves every minute helping others as they dive into the adventure of learning Spanish.

“I want you to think of me as much more than a Spanish teacher, I am a gatekeeper to the lost parts of your brain. Together we will open and reprogram your mind. It’s an empowering journey and I am nothing more than a guide eager to show you the path. You will quickly understand that Blink is much more than just ‘learning’. Your brain will hurt, your curiosity will awaken, and you will take away one of life’s greatest gifts – communication.  Beyond that, unlike a lot of other schools we think learning NEEDS to be a fun process, and I’m good at fun.



Founding Member – General Manager – Free Spirit

Katherine is our do everything, make-everything-work, help-you-with-everthing Super Woman. She has teaching experience, is a graphic designer, and has managed both Spanish schools and hostels. She also has cool hair, and can tell you where to get ink’ed should you want to inject ink into your blood-stream. Most importantly, as a founding member of the Blink team, she is truly passionate about our mission of offering you a one-in-a-kind learning experience.

“I take pride in giving you the best possible environment and tools to learn. I don’t work at Blink because it’s a job, I do it because I want to, it’s fun, and what we do is real. It won’t look like work, feel like school, and the hostel is above and beyond just a hostel. I want blink to be a home where you discovered the gift of language, and a place you will always remember.”



Kisses – Kisses – More Kisses

Gavin just arrived to Medellin this year and is still learning Spanish. He lost his junk as a puppy but still loves the Colombian ‘Perras’ and could sniff butts all day if allowed. In the school, Gavin only works part time because of his old age, and is tasked with giving emotional support to our many students who miss their own pets back home. He sits, speaks, kisses, and shakes on-demand and is always happy to eat dog-safe foods that you can’t finish.

“I love my dad, and I love people, but I think I love the people who have food the most.  I will lick your face if you rub my belly.  I’m a very good boy.  I don’t understand the concept of clothes, people are strange. Sausage is delicious.  When my dad leaves the house, he’s probably at the park.  I can’t believe that bastard is at the park while I’m in the office working like a dog.  I’ll get over it, because hey, I can lick my butt and privates whenever I want.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.45.53 AM

Catalina Fuentes

Original Blink Team Member

Catalina or ‘Cata’ has been with Blink since our second week being open.  Cata loves being a professor and is a skilled communicator.  Also, like most Blink professors she has no problem explaining in English from time to time, when necessary to squash your confusion.  Despite the fact that she is a fanatic of a really bad local futbol team, we still love her and consider her a permanent part of our Blink family.


Jorge Munoz - El Papa de Espanol

The Spanish Pope

Jorge is an excellent professor.  He is calm, patient, and speaks perfect English when necessary.  We call him the Pope of Spanish professors because of his calm wisdom, cool nerves, and ability to bring classes together (and to higher levels).  Jorge is also a proud parent, and dedicated husband.  We are proud to employ him and call him part of our Blink family.


Natalia Gomez - Reina de Principiantes

The Queen of Beginner Spanish

Learning Spanish is a difficult thing and a bad or dull teacher can ruin your first few weeks.  As a beginner specialist, Natalie brings a level of fun and energy into her classes that can be rivaled by few.  She is a fantastic part of our team and we are happy to call her part of our Blink family.  When she’s not teaching classes, Natalie loves to dance, smile, and spend time with her family.


Natalia Cardozo - "Pollito"

Pollo frito!

Pollito is our receptionist and the Girl Scout of our team.  We say she’s a Girl Scout because – well, she’s a Girl Scout.  That means she’s a problem solver and has the attitude to do whatever is needed in the school.  For you, that means, she’s going to do whatever is necessary to make your stay and experience ‘asombroso’.  Need a taxi, tour, or toothbrush?  She’s your girl!

Pollito lived in Canada for 1.5 years and speaks really good English.  She would like to study language and translation at the renowned University of Antioquia, and with this job we’re trying to get her there.  Her nickname, ‘Pollito’, comes from her chicken dancing abilities and the fact that she’s the youngest on our team.


Laura Estefania

La Mago de Gramatica - The Grammar Wizard

Laura is always a favorite teacher.  She can absolutely teach ANY level of Spanish and is one of the best we know.  She’s lived in Spain, speaks English and even a little German.  Laura loves to travel, spend time with friends and family, and is a great ambassador of the Paisa (Medellin) culture.




Esteban rides his bike to work.  Oh, and he’s a kick-ass professor and true lover of linguistics.


Magdalena Perez

Estrella Una

Magda is amazing.  She cooks, cleans, runs our reception, and much more.  What’s better, everything she does kind of kick-ass and awesome.  Her food is amazing, her attitude about life is amazing, her organization… amazing.  Magda is also responsible for a large portion of the writing on our walls because it just so happened that when we started writing on the walls her handwriting was just a little bit more… awesome than the rest.  We like to call her ‘la estrella’ (the star), because she is absolutely a star, always shines brightly, and makes the days for all of our guests a little bit better.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.59.03 AM

Joha Valerio

Reina del Cocina - Queen of the Kitchen

Joha started at Blink cleaning the school and rooms, but we quickly realized she’s an AMAZING chef.  Today, she runs our restaurant ‘El Juego Social’ where our students eat amazing traditional meals.  She’s also caught on to preparing vegetarian and vegan options that are equally tasty.  Joha is a proud mother of two great kids, and we are proud to call her part of our Blink family.


Gloria Vargas

Administradora de Proyectos Especiales - Special Projects

Gloria is the definition of a great Blink employee.  She is honest, hard-working, loyal, and absolutely capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.  She also has the sincere and welcoming smile we like to see in each of our employees.  Gloria is currently a student of chemical engineering and is only with us about 30 hours per week.  Gloria oversees Blink expansion projects which has kept her very busy this last year (Blink has gone from one building to 7 – including employee housing).  Because she oversees construction projects, her fingerprints and love are literally found in every corner of Blink.