We boast small classes, private tutor sessions, a well equipped library, and computer study enter.  And the house… Well, the Blink house is an experience. Come by for a tour to see what we’re talking about.


Our beds our comfortable, our food is amazing, and our water is hot. While we’re not a ‘hostel’, if we were we’d be among the best in Colombia. Our dorm beds are built of concrete – each with curtains, lights, and power (Yes we didn’t just throw this place together). We’re in Medellin’s best neighborhood and even though you’re studying you’ll still get the hostel-like social environment.


Our meals are hearty, authentic, and healthy – designed to keep your brain and body fueled. Fresh fruits, meats, and veggies everyday. Your breakfast and lunch are included, at night we encourage you to explore the local restaurants and street foods (or cook in our large kitchen).  The steakhouse across the street is a great example of delicious Colombian value – there, a gigantic 5-star steak will cost you about $9.


There’s reason why over 20,000 digital nomads call Medellin home, it’s simply an amazing city. During your weekends, and nights Medellin offers a diverse palette of fun, food, culture, and one of South America’s finest party districts.  Fiesta!