With Blink's intensive program and experienced professors, our goal is to have you communicating in Spanish starting day one (and better each day).
Blink profitshares with each employee, and even houses employees. Because of our positive social approach, each employee and professor goes the extra mile to ensure you the best possible experience.


Intensive group classes and private classes included for every student.

Our Classic Blink Package includes 20 hours of daily classes and two private classes / week.  Private classes are expensive but EACH student needs them.  This improves the efficiency of each group class and saves you big $$. 


Students only: Stay in our dorms or one of our 12 private rooms.

Our hostel is students-only, 24 hr. reception, and super comfortable/clean/secure.  Our delicious Colombian meals (served in our very own restaurant) will keep your brain fed and ready to learn & communicate. 


Weekly tours, city excursions, and cultural activities.

Our weekly La Comuna 13 tour (Street graffiti) is free – that alone will save you 40.000.  We also dance salsa, play tejo, and visit parts of Medellin often overlooked by many tourists.

Welcome to Blink Spanish Immersion Hostel!

Learn faster and save money as you EAT, SLEEP, and LIVE the immersion Spanish experience that is all about fun, pushing your personal limits, and creating new chapters in your life journey.  Blink is not a total profit-model school like most of our competitors.  We profit share with each employee (24), house employees, and take an active interest in volunteer work and being strong members of our community.  Our social model and high wages attract the best employees, professors, and students in all of the city.

Located in Medellin’s El Poblado neighborhood (Barrio Manila), we provide a safe, familiar, and immersive Spanish learning experience.  We are surrounded by great restaurants and cafes, one block from the El Poblado police station, supermarkets, and a short walk from Parque Lleras, one of South America’s best parties.  It can be hard to study in Medellin as it is a party 7-days-a-week city.  Hostels party all night, and sleep can be hard to come by.  At Blink every student is dedicated to making the most of their stay/learning experience and because only students are allowed to stay, you can know that Blink is a comfortable and peaceful place to study.  During the week, Blink is asleep by midnight.  Study during your weeks – enjoy the party during the weekends.

Finally, to explore Medellin you want to stay close to the metro, we are just a few blocks from the El Poblado station.

Blink is a place to learn, a place to enjoy, and a place you will remember for the rest of your life.  Join us, we love what we do and we want to be a part of your Spanish-learning journey!

– Christian Robinson, Owner, Blink Spanish Immersion School

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A student's testimonial

Why Are We The Best School in South America?

High Quality professors

Comfortable living quarters

Authentic Colombian meals twice per day

Weekly tours and dancing experiences


20 hours of weekly classes
4 private classes per week (4 half-hours or 2 full hours)
Lodging in our immersion hostel-style guesthouse in heart of El Poblado Medellin
2 meals per day included
Weekly Medellin Tour/fieldtrip
729.000 COP


20 hours of weekly classes 650.000/week
Private classes 100.000(2 hours)
Lodging in local El Pobladohostel
2 Meals per day 125.000/week
City tours/ fieldtrip 50.000
1.150.000 COP


“I studied at a different school in Cartagena, and what I found at Blink was nothing short of, WOW – one of those rare truly unique experiences I have known. Amazing price, school, & experience!”


“My brain still hurts, but it was all worth it. I was going to study for 2 weeks but stayed for 6 because it was both affordable and effective. Blink took me from zero Spanish to conversational and my 6-weeks there are forever part of me.
Thank you Blink!”

In the last year we've taught Spanish to over 500 people from over 40 countries - and every review we've ever received is a perfect 5 stars. Our reputation depends on your experience.

Reviews From Facebook

  • review rating 5  I spent a little over two months in Medellín and took classes here the whole time. Both as a live-in full time student, and when I was living in Laureles taking only privates. Not only did I drastically improve my Spanish but I also feel like I made some fantastic friends here. No matter whether you're starting from scratch or trying to get over a plateau, Christian and his team are definitely highly recommend by me. I will definitely be back in the future.

    thumb Kaitlin Mauer
  • review rating 5  Que chevere! Super! Are my words to describe Blink the Colombian way. Solo quedé por una semana pero pienso que me aprendí mucho. Ahora puedo hablar con la gente de sudmamerica. Stay at Blink, even just for a week, and your Spanish will greatly improve. I couldve easily stayed for 1-2 more weeks. Medellin is a lovely city; Blink Spanish just made it lovelier with its really good paisa atmosphere. Someday I hope to be back! Cheers to Christian and the Blink crew.

    thumb TLinc Kua
  • review rating 5  Great place to learn Spanish in Medellin! Loved the concept of school / hostel and learned quite a lot of spanish in my three weeks. Will never forget the time at Blink!

    thumb Roman Franken
  • review rating 5  I really enjoyed my time at Blink! It's a great place to learn Spanish, everybody is very nice and helpful. They offer a complete package which provides you with a place to stay, breakfast and lunch, excellent laundry service and classes! Upon that, the teachers are great and there's a really nice atmosphere in the school. I can definitely recommend this place!

    thumb Tom Verbiesen
  • review rating 5  Asi es

    thumb Nicolas De Jesus Layos Alvarez
  • review rating 5  Superbe école et auberge !! Une ambiance familiale parfait pour être à l'aise pour étudier !! Le personnel et les professeurs sont adorables !! Merci à tous pour cette expérience 😀 Et on oublie surtout pas le guaro et les empanadas 😉

    thumb Clémentine Zavatta
  • review rating 5  Blink Spanish is a very special place. Never in my travels have I ever felt like such a wonderful family atmosphere so quickly. The teaching is fantastic, and there are always Colombians around for you to practise your Spanish. You are guaranteed to learn a lot, and quickly in the environment created here. For the price you pay, the value for money is amazing, especially considering the hours you get and small class sizes. As soon as you arrive you will feel the warmth of superstar owner Christian, the unbelievably kind staff and the fun teachers (especially you Nathalie!), who teach practical Spanish perfect for setting a foundation, or becoming proficient enough to travel, or for becoming completely fluent. The facilities are also fantastic. The showers are also powerful and hot, the big, comfortable bed you get (made every day!) can be curtained off if you fancy a bit of privacy, and the wifi is really reliable. That's not to mention the awesome location in the safest places in Medellin with a great nightlife. Despite reaching the level of Spanish I hoped in my two weeks here, leaving this place has been one of the hardest things about travel. You go in hoping to pick up Spanish, and you'll leave feeling like you had a family in a home and people you'd love to come back for.

    thumb Josh Harrison
  • review rating 5  A great experience and unique way to learn spanish in El Poblado area! Teachers, Chris and all the team are friendly and helpfull. I cannot recommend enough this hostel. Seriously, if you wanna progress in spanish, sleep in a nice area and get homemade food everyday; This is THE Place!

    thumb Melodie Ggs
  • review rating 5  This school is excellent. The teachers are very good, patient and relaxed. The atmosphere was great and the food was always super yammy. The hostel is clean and they have very comfy beds with lots of space for your stuff. I took one week of classes and then some more days private lessons and improved my Spanish a lot. The owner, Christian, often takes students on tours and trips. He is such a cool guy! We had soooo much fun and I met lots of interesting people there. I can recommend this school without a doubt to anybody!!!

    thumb Lisi Aichberger
  • review rating 5  It's a really good hostel and a GREAT school. I only stayed for a week in the school but improved my spanish a lot! The atmosphere was great with wonderful teachers and helpful staff that were there when needed. The classes were in small an intimate groups which gave you a lot of space to talk and learn. When I get back to medellin I won't hesitate to go to Blink and do another week! Thanx for all!

    thumb Hannah Fisher

Reviews From Google

  • review rating 5  Easily the highlight of my trip. Such a communal feel, the level of teaching is superb and everyone is really friendly. You will most likely extend your stay. 10/10

    thumb Vishal Parmar
  • review rating 5  It's my school, so I'm biased but I've got to say... we're pretty damn awesome!

    thumb Christian Robinson
  • review rating 5  Don't look anywhere else! Blink Spanish school is the best you'll find in Medellin! Incredible teachers, learnt so much and made friends for life! Christian you have done an amazing job!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    thumb Emilia Pereira
  • review rating 5  I loved my time at Blink! I was there for one week and returned 2 weeks later for another full week, because I just couldn't get enough! I've greatly improved my Spanish since being at Blink. The school also has such a wonderful atmosphere. I feel as if everyone is family and it's my home away from home. I already miss them all! I'd highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Spanish to try Blink. Great people and a great city! -Lilo

    thumb Morgan Le
  • review rating 5  Que chevere! Super! Are my words to describe Blink the Colombian way. Solo quedé por una semana pero pienso que me aprendí mucho. Ahora puedo hablar con la gente de sudmamerica. Stay at Blink, even just for a week, and your Spanish will greatly improve. I couldve easily stayed for 1-2 more weeks. Medellin is a lovely city; Blink Spanish just made it lovelier with its really good paisa atmosphere. Someday I hope to be back! Cheers to Christian and the Blink crew.

    thumb TLinc Kua
  • review rating 5  Blink spanish school is a perfect solution for learn spanish in medellin. The combination between school and hostel permit everyone to get a friendly full immersion of Spanish in one of the best neighborhood area of medellin, near to the school of salsaaa... I really recommended. Hola cikos

    thumb Carlo Bozza
  • review rating 5  Ambiance: chaleureuse et familiale. Professeur: dynamique et professionnel. Personnel: attentionné et sympathique. Hébergement: pratique et confortable. Nourriture: variée et de qualité. Que dire de plus sur l'école/ auberge Blink?! Le bâtiment est situé dans un quartier sécuritaire de Medellin, et ce à quelques minutes du supermarché, de la station de métro sans oublier la "zona rosa" (lieu central pour restaurant et bar). Le fait d'habiter sur place et d'avoir certains repas d'inclus simplifie grandement le séjour. Une panoplie d'activités hebdomadaires sont proposées pour une fraction du prix offert par les agences touristiques. C'est non sans peine que j'ai du quitter cette institution mais avec plein de nouveaux savoirs et de bons souvenirs. Je recommande sans hésitation!

    thumb Alexis Deslauriers
  • review rating 5  I worked with Blink House for my first 2 weeks in Medellin, and it was such a great way to kick off my 2 months of language learning here. The language instruction was great, and I felt like it did a great job of keeping up with the pace I was learning at. I also love the Blink House space and vibe. Great neighborhood, pretty much in Poblado, but just off to the side, in the quieter, quaint Manila neighborhood, and a short walk into the heart of Poblado, with all it’s nightlife. Great restaurants around Blink House, too!

    thumb Sean O'Connor
  • review rating 5  Just finished my 2nd week at Blink. In that short amount of time, my speech became more fluid and could talk in any tense (pasado o futuro). As soon as you wake up...spanish. The spanish immersion is no joke! Surrounded by Spanish speakers, tools, words, and other diligent students unlocks the language quick. Doing research.... it was obviously the most afforadable, especially for how small the class is and how many in-class hours you recieve. Plus, you're in Medellin... El Poblado... its awesome. The employees are incredible and do their absolute best to make you comfortable and happy. And Christian y Gavin, los jefes, is truly an amazing man. He is the heart of the organization and will do whatever it takes to improve yourself. I highly recommend Blink! Hazlo!

    thumb Francis D'Artagnan Shipp Vautrin
  • review rating 5  My time at Blink has been nothing short of amazing. From the moment I walked through the door there was a special vibe, the staff are excellent and will help whenever you need it, the teachers are superb and I have gone from having no base in spanish to now being adequate enough to work my way around south america. I would highly recommend any person travelling to Medellin, Colombia to stop in and study at Blink whether it is solely for private lessons or daily group classes.Blink provides great food for breakfast and lunch and will always offer to take any studentsout on group tours to tourist attractions in Medellin. Not only does Blink provide great service and value for money but I have had an amazing time with the students here, everyone is so welcoming and fun and it felt like a large family from the moment I arrived. It was a one of a kind experience at Blink and I plan to stay in touch with many people here.

    thumb Mitchell Kennedy

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PROUD PROFITSHARE COMPANY: The Colombian minimum wage is amazingly low, and to ensure we retain the best employees in Medellin, every Blink employee shares a portion of our monthly profits (no other school in Colombia can match this claim). This means everyone from your professors, tour guides, and house staff are happy and eager to be a part of your unique learning experience.